March 22, 2012

Pinning & Posting

I've been lost in a sea of Pins! It's true I spend what little "me" time I have on Pinterest and can't stop.  I am supposed to use some of that time to post to our Blog and I haven't. I've just been pinning and pinning and pinning.  It's hard to stop! I've discovered so many great recipes and home keeping tips. I've found beautiful inspiration for both home and garden and many, many stylish looks too.  It is a lot of fun but boy is it a time sucker.  So that's my excuse for not updating our blog in weeks. So sad as I love our blog.  Must find a better balance between blogging and pinning... 

Here is one of my favorite images I've recently pinned - it just makes you stop and take a deep breath and say "ahhhh" doesn't it?

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March 21, 2012

The little things...

Some days you just have to ignore the big stuff.  
Shut it out and leave it for tomorrow.  By doing that, you then have room to open yourself up and appreciate the little things.  It sounds so cliche but I think it really is the key to happiness.  We're all told to pay attention and slow down and breathe and laugh 
and take in the wonderfulness of our lives.  
But you have to be aware of your intentions when setting out to do this.  
I had one of these days yesterday.  I just payed attention.  I did the stuff I love and I know would make me feel better. 
 From exercising to healthy, conscious eating, to painting my nails a bright color.  
The little things are just as important as the big.
It's all in the details, right?

Here's what Matchbook has to say about the little things. 
 I thought it was cute and worth sharing.

We believe…

We believe in being glass-half-full sorts of girls.

We believe that often times, granny is chic.

We believe in peddling vintage Schwinns with flower baskets.

We believe in poetry, picnics, and piƱatas.

We believe one is never too old to keep a diary, the secrets only grow more scandalous.

We believe in arranging fresh flowers unruly like an English garden.

We believe in adventure and traveling the globe, be it to Marrakech or Malibu.

We believe in mixing lucite with oriental rugs. Thrift store finds with heirlooms.

We believe in handwritten thank you notes, better late than never.

We believe in needlepoint, letterpress, decoupage and forgiving Martha Stewart.

We believe in piggy banks and cookie jars.

We believe in book clubs full of Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Austen and Woolf.

We believe station wagons are hopelessly chic.

We believe in recycling our Grandmothers’ names. Eloise, Jackie, Faye…

We believe in collecting: stamps, shells, books, big glittering diamonds…

We believe in marrying the boy that writes us the best love letters.

We believe in highly competitive board games—Chess, Scrabble, Chutes & Ladders.

We believe in spontaneous road trips and charming, chintzy bed & breakfasts.

We believe there’s something to fortune cookies, wishbones and 4 leaf clovers.

We believe in classics, shaken and stirred.

By the way, I think it was the bright, painted nails that really perked me up.  
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Here's to gorgeous hands.

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where: Pretty Stuff

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March 2, 2012

I'm ready.

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I am so ready for Spring and warmer weather and longer days. I know it's still a few weeks away and even then it may not arrive.  Here in the Northeast, it sometimes doesn't show itself until May.  We often joke that we have two days of Spring and then it jumps right to Summer. I'll take either!

February 10, 2012

The Grammys

I'm excited to watch the Grammys this Sunday night. So many good songs right now.  But truth be told I am really looking forward to seeing Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie do their red carpet interviews for ELLEN.  Have you seen them? They are the most adorable little girls whose YouTube video of them singing Nicki Minaj Super Bass went viral and they ended up on ELLEN.  They are a hoot and Sophia Grace can really belt it out.  They've already been red carpent correspondents for ELLEN during the AMA's and will do it again this Sunday at the Grammy's.  You must watch!  If you want a smile on your face take a look below -

February 2, 2012

Out of Town

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Do you ever get the itch to just get out of town?  I do. I have a big itch right now. I miss traveling.  I do very little of it now that we are a family of four.  My husband travels so much for work that I think he is just happy to be home.  We try to get away occasionally as a family,  but I do miss just heading out on my own to a new city or a new place. I did travel quite a bit when I was working (before kids) and made several trips to Europe each year - those are the ones I miss the most.  I am longing for a trip somewhere - to just explore and get lost for a few days.  Wouldn't that be nice?

January 31, 2012


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We all come to our marriages with our own set of traditions and family history.  Recently my husband and I have been struggling with the pull of keeping up with those on each side of our families.  Should we continue to follow those same traditions or do we chart our own?  Do we find a new place to go in the summer? Building special memories from just the experiences of our own family of four.  It's hard to let go of the old and start something new.  Am I just trying to recreate my childhood memories for my own children?  It might be time to begin to build our own family history.  It's hard, because the expectation of other family members come into play and I hate to disappoint others.  I also don't ever want to feel a sense of regret.  Linds, I know we talk about this a lot and we both struggle with how to handle it.  But a fresh start is not a bad thing - right?